Reproductive Health Concerns

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Reproductive Health Concerns Overview:

There are multiple concerns when it comes to the health of the reproductive system. First, STDs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Urinary Tract Infection can be harmful to the reproductive system. Chlamydia, for example, can permanently damage the female reproductive system living a woman infertile. Secondly, a number of cancers can damage the reproductive system. Testicular cancer, prostate cancer and other male reproductive cancers can leave a man unable to reproduce. Also, female reproductive cancers such as breast cancer, Ovarian cancer and others can leave a woman unable to reproduce. Another major concern is infertility, which can also leave a human unabl to reproduce. Infertility is generally caused by a poor lifestyle or genetics and has any varied cures.

Reproductive Health Concerns Outline:

1) STDs
   a) Chlamydia
   b) Gonorrhea
   c) Urinary Tract Infection
2) Cancers – Male
   a) Types
      i) Testicular Cancer
      ii) Prostate Cancer
      iii) Penile Cancer
   b) Causes
       i) Smoking
       ii) Old Age
       iii) Diet
       iv) History of other Cancers
       v) Relatives with cancer
   c) Treatments
      i) Surgical Removal of Prostate gland
      ii) Surgical Removal of a testicle gland
      iii) Laser surgery
      iv) Radiation
      v) Chemotherapy
3) Cancers – Female
   a) Types Of Cancer
      i) Breast Cancer
      ii) Ovarian Cancer
      iii) Uterus Cancer
      iv) Cervix Cancer
   b) Causes
       i) Smoking
       ii) Old Age
       iii) Diet
       iv) History of other Cancers
       v) Relatives with cancer
   c) Protections Against Cancers
      i) Early Motherhood
      ii) Contraceptive Pills
      iii) Breast Feeding
      iv) Ovary removal – also reduces risk of breast cancer
4) Infertility
   a) Causes
      i) Exposures to toxic chemicals
      ii) Being older than 35
      iii) Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
      iv) Smoking, Alcohol, and other drugs
      v) Stress
      vi) Abnormal Hormone Levels
   b) Treatment
      i) Clomiphine Citrate
         1) Induces ovulation
         2) Taken as a pill
      ii) Transvaginal Ultrasound
         1) Inserts an ultrasound probe into the vagina.
         2) Produces an image of the ovaries
         3) Then followed by an injection of HGC, or human chorionic gonadotropin
      iii) In Vitro Fertilization
         1) Procedure that inserts fertilized eggs into a female.
         2) Very expensive and requires a skilled expert

Study Guide Questions

  • Name two STD's
  • Name one cancer that affects the reproductive system of males
  • Name one cancer that affects the reproductive system of females
  • List some causes of reproductive health cancers
  • List some protections against cancer for females
  • List some cures for reproductive system cancers
  • Why do people become infertile?
  • What are some ways to cure infertility?

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